Lightweight, powerful app designed to help users get an idea of what the city they're searching for is like to live in. Oversaw 9 developers remotely during the course of 8 weeks. Held daily stand-up meetings, debugged code, and built test scripts for the ap received style ideas through Figma from UX Developers and built components based on their designs. Created a Single City Page that used third party API's to create a card of what city is like, following design language/colors throughout the app. Installed Google Analytics to track traffic and hot pages to see where we coul improve user experience throughout the app.

citrics website


Mobile app designed for users to record and track changes to recipes over time Worked with 6 developers remotely during the course of 8 weeks. Oversaw design and User Interface to make sure it was both functional and aesthetically competitive. Built and designed to the specifications of the stakeholder for a focus on the User Slashed user wait times by implementing a more effective state management as well as components made by Data Scientists on the team. Tested front-end and back-end for QA. Deployed to Google Play Store (MyDish) and iOS app store.

mydish mobile app


Web app designed to be a "hub" for all hackathons, whether participating in or organizing one. Built front end components like the navbar and search functionality. Created a Landing Page for the app using vanilla HTML/CSS. Followed design based on user surveys to maximize user flow. Worked with 8 developers remotely during the course of 8 weeks

hackathon portal website


Web app designed to be a competitor with Google's Momentum extension Worked with 5 developers remotely during the course of 1 week. Connected front-end state management with back-end using Redux. Built entire Back-End with testing as well as designed client surveys to understand how the app can progress in its use.

nobuu website


International app designed to be a network for both mentors and mentees in places where it's not easy to find such assistance. Project built from scratch using React and context API. Oversaw 7 developers throughout the creation of the app, focusing on agile methodologies and cutting user experience. Debugged testing environments both in front end and back end, keeping scores on CodeClimate at a competitive pace. Followed design languages with Figma files provided by UX designer.

niyon mobile app

Game Of Life

Simple game app that mimicks Conway's Game of Life from the 1980's. Part of a build week project that needed to implement an algorithm to "create life" by manipulating tiles on a grid. Project was done in React using simple HTML/CSS styling.

game of life web app

Not Your Average Dev

Aside from my technical skillset, my abilities to learn quickly and solve problems in an efficient and productive manner set me apart from the average developer. What I bring to the table is a tenacious work ethic, a goal-oriented mindset, and the proven ability to communicate effectively with a team and/or clients.

Technical Skills

Below are the skills that I have used to create the projects listed above. This list is growing with every project I work on.












Agile Methodology